If your computer is running slow, getting pop-ups, displaying virus scan results containing lots of virus’ and malware that you were not aware existed, there is a very good chance that your computer is infected. 95% of the computers brought to our store are infected. Yes, I know, your next door neighbor or brother-in-law, is a computer tech or knows enough about computers and he doesn’t even charge you to have him fix it up. The problem with that is that he might know a few tricks, but the techs at Computer Guy Next Door have been dealing with virus’ since the invention of the virus. The first computers back in the 1980’s were open to virus attacks and since then, we have been keeping up with the different types, strains and methods used to cause issues for users like yourself.

Our 30-Point Tuneup/Cleanup will remove all virus’, malware, bloatware and fix any and all computer issues you are experiencing. Your computer will be noticeably faster and you will enjoy your computing experiences once again. We remove all existing antivirus software so it does not interfere with the software we install.


$149flat rate
  • Includes virus software and malware protection

Our software is Free, but highly effective. We also provide you with an instruction sheet with step-by-step instructions on how to maintain your computer on a monthly basis. We also install Teamviewer just in case you need us to remote in to resolve any issues or see what’s on your screen to answer questions. We’re here for you.