Whenever we take a computer in for repair, we check with the customer about the whereabouts and recency of the Backup Data. The percentage of people that actually perform a backup is very small, under 10%. Before starting our diagnosis, we backup all pertinent data to one of our backup devices. A hard drive crash could happen at any time and your personal data is a top priority for us. We have heard too many stories about other “Big Box” stores and local competing computer stores that have unnecessarily wiped out years of data. We try our
best to ensure this does not happen under our supervision. We will help you to establish a local backup and/or backups, an online backup and a simple USB thumb drive backup. In the event that you have an old computer, or even a new one, where the hard drive crashed or you can’t boot your computer to access your data, we can use our data recovery software and hardware solutions to recover it.

Backup & Recovery

Varies, but very reasonable!
  • Personal and Corporative data backup and recovery

Protect Your Data